Introduction to "Debugging a paranormal event"


to the course "Debugging a Paranormal Event". This course takes you through the process of investigating a paranormal event, without using expensive equipment, or investigations teams, as the do not often come cheap.

Generally speaking, you will receive the knowledge to solve and analyse, but of course you will have to gather the practical experience by your self.

My name is Claus Iversen, and I am a team member of a Danish paranormal investigation team, called "" - the website is the very same. The page contains an English translation.

We have been active since 2013 and have had about 85 cases (per 2023). Many of the cases seem to be caused by natural or misunderstood phenomena.

We have decided to make this course, due to the fact, that many of our "Witnesses" (not clients!), generally are exhausted by elaborate investigations, concerns, and deteriorating health and psyche due to the ongoing situation they are in.

They find themselves - often lost - in tech-babble and false superstitions taken from the Internet and from Ghost hunting-shows, with a touch of Hollywood.

Many of these concerns can be easily "debugged", by making a strict and down-to-the-ground investigation of what is going on. Our first tip to a witness, is always: Quit browsing the Internet for every possible demon, entity and ghoul, and quit the Ghost hunting TV broadcasts, as they do not add positively to any situation.

Note of advice: It will indeed take some time for you, to go through this course, and gather experience. You are maybe attending this course, because you have a threatening experience with a possible paranormal event or entity. In such case: Quit the reading, a contact a local paranormal investigator or a spiritual guidance, that can help you immediately!

You will learn

to investigate a paranormal event in a very scientific and strict manner. We will use a proven methodology, that maybe can give you some inspiration, even if you are a seasoned investigator.

The course is indeed meant for anyone, who has interest in the paranormal. We will refrain from using elaborate theories, and just stick to the practical.

We will not...

tell you what to believe. We wish to deliver a way, methods, and tools to make an investigation. If you already have a spiritual view of a case or investigation, this course will not tell you to change your mind. Our personal belief is that, a personal belief must be respected. As many cases have shown, witnesses often want to stick to a paranormal explanation, even though natural explanations are overwhelming. We will then choose to represent our findings as an alternative explanation, with the greatest respect towards the witness.

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