About "Debugging a paranormal event"

The course is for you, who wants to gain knowledge how-to quantify something paranormal. Maybe even in your own home.

You dont't even have to use expensive gear, og hire some expensive investigators.

A little detective work on your own, can get you a lot of the way.

Note: However, if you feel threatened by a paranormal presence, then contact your local paranormal investigator immediately!!

This course contains...

Many very useful insights and tools, about investigating a paranormal phenomenon.

We take the approach, of "Occam's razor": The simplest explanation is most often the correct.

We are also actively using the word "Debugging" a paranormal event, and not "debunking". As we believe "debunking" has a bad ring to it.

About 90% of the cases, we have experienced, had natural causes.

Unfortunately, people easily get themselves stressed out, due to "pseudo-facts" taken from the Internet and TV-shows.

Forever access

The course is made out of a one-time-payment, and you have access to the course and new content in the course, as long as you are a user on our page.

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